Spreading the Love

Amber, over on Damask Love, has a fun challenge called Spreading the Love.  It is sponsored by Clear and Simple Stamps.  It goes like this.  Pick one of your favorite blogs where you find inspiration for your creations.  Then pick one of the color stories available in this challenge and make a project using those colors.  Write a blog post and include a photo of your creation.  Add a link to your favorite blog and tell a little bit about how  that blogger  inspires you.  Link that post on Damask Love.BoldBLOOMSComplete

You could win prizes!  From Clear and Simple Stamps!

I chose the “Bold Springtime Blooms” color story and used a Clear and Simple Stamps set called “Topiaries“, which is a lovely set with many options.

CSS blog hop

I first must apologize to Amber, and you,  for the poor quality of my photo – Amber is teaching us how to photograph our projects and I think I failed on this one.  I used the camera on my iPhone 5 and had a difficult time with the lighting.  This was the best of the bunch I snapped.

I have many blogs that I enjoy and bathe in inspiration once I visit them.  But for this challenge, Amber wants us to just choose one so I will share “Neat and Tangled”, specifically the projects done by Danielle Walls.  I love her fresh and clean style.  And Danielle does not need to take a class in photography – her photos are always very beautiful.   I hope you will click over to Danielle’s blog post and enjoy!

Thank you for visiting today.

Blessing from Yesterday:  My husband received his new Canon Rebel Ti3.


4 thoughts on “Spreading the Love

  1. Great card, I’m hoping to play today or tomorrow in this fun challenge. I think I’ve been missing your blog, I need to add you back into my reader 🙂 Not sure if I had this new blog address.

  2. oh my gosh! thank you so much for choosing my blog! what a smile you brought to my face 🙂 i am so happy ! And your card is just beautiful! I love the color combo. And seriously, could you teach me how to use my phone to take a photo because it usually looks like one big old shadow!

  3. You have really got the colors down on this one, Sue, and that is one cute and fruity topiary. A very cheerful card. Love the look of your new blog. Very clean and pretty. I have to say, the links you provided today have had me all over the place learning things and getting inspired. Thank you! ps: This is my third attempt at commenting…

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